Grow, Live and Love Brick Campaign

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Celebrate St. Mark’s and invest in the future of the church by purchasing a legacy brick!
St. Mark’s is planning for the courtyard area to be redesigned and reimagined with your help! A designated area will be landscaped and set aside for personalized brick pavers to be permanently placed, setting up an opportunity for all of us to have someone or something honored or memorialized in this beautiful space. Help build a new foundation for the courtyard and also provide long term stability for the church that all of us love.

Grow, Live, and Love Brick Campaign
As part of our Grow, Live, and Love Brick Campaign, we are excited to offer a unique opportunity to place a brick in the courtyard area between the narthex and the community life center (CLC). We are making available for purchase engraved, customized 4x8 bricks. These bricks can be in celebration of special occasions, weddings, anniversaries, births, someone who served in the military, your favorite verse, in honor of family or friends or to memorialize an occasion or a loved one.

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Bricks are $150 for a 4x8 paver. You have 18 characters per line with a 3 line maximum to inscribe your special message.
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The brick pavers are embossed with 3 lines and 18 characters per line (Spaces between words count as a character). Please indicate the message you would like to have placed on your brick paver(s). If you’re purchasing more than 1 paver, feel free to duplicate this page. There is no need to duplicate the information above:
All proceeds go towards the Foundation’s general endowment benefitting St. Mark’s missions and ministries.


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